Responsive pricing tables dilemma – Code

Creating complex responsive pricing tables was the subject of the last post. Today, we are going to look at how this idea I came up with in previous post – individual separate tables with hidden elements on certain screen sizes works when turned into reality. Surprisingly, it works great! With just a bit more HTML, a lot more HTML in a fact, and about two media queries even complex table such as RiteTag is using can be perfectly responsive. Continue reading

Responsive pricing tables dilemma

Creating visually appealing pricing tables that will provide both, clear information and good design, are sometimes hard to make. Let’s forget that simple three-plan lists with couple lines at this moment. I want you to think about more complex ones. Think about a table containing couple different pricing plans with several lines in each of them, legend on the side and CTA’s (i.e. “call to action” buttons) for every plan. Until this point, it still sounds easy to manage. All you need is to use HTML table elements and job is done. Right, but what if I tell you to make the table responsive … Continue reading